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ACPE partners with BLean Strategy
November 9 2018

ACPE partners with BLean Strategy

It is with great pride that ACPE has partnered with BLean Strategy, strategic thinking and continuous improvement training laboratories founded by Michel Hamel and Dominic Bouchard.


A range of services extended to SMEs
The dynamic and innovative approach to coaching and training specifically designed for BLean Strategy’s small and medium-sized companies will reinforce ACPE’s approach, which until now has focused primarily on large organizations.

Through the implementation of joint activities, the partners will support companies of all sizes who wish to initiate with their teams a change in LEAN culture at the strategic and operational level. ACPE also intends to propel BLean's continuous improvement approach internationally.


A synergy of skills
Dominic Bouchard's experience in facilitating strategic review and market positioning, combined with Michel Hamel's talent to popularize and facilitate the implementation of a Lean Management environment, will support the strategic orientations of ACPE in order to increase productivity and the profitability of companies with their employees. 


The BLean Strategy Team

Dominic Bouchard Co-Founder, Strategy and Development

Passionate about strategy and efficiency projects. Has contributed to corporate success for several years. Close to people, active and engaged in his workplace. Challenges of all sizes in business enliven him. Absolute trust in the LEAN culture. Even in any small businesses, great potential can be revealed.  

Michel Hamel Co-founder, Continuous Improvement

World-class expertise in continuous improvement. An extraordinary populariser supported by his caricature characters created to illustrate the world of LEAN in business. With analysis and creativity, he believes that small and medium-sized businesses hide treasures.

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