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Our team supports companies and organizations around the world ranging from 35 to 7,500 employees. Over the years, we’ve become coaches of your internal coaches or simply, leaders of your leaders.
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Patrick Landry

Patrick Landry, M.A.Sc., Certified Coach

Senior consultant continuous improvement & Coach performance

+1 514 554 7668
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Experienced manager and business performance coach with a proven track-record of facilitating exceptional results in a short timeframe. A person-oriented individual with an exceptional ability to listen and to communicate, Patrick believes in learning and in intrinsic motivation. Benefiting from 20 years of international experience with various industries, he is able to vulgarize complex concepts and help his clients apply them in their own context. Patrick’s skills include Change Management, Leadership, Lean (waste reduction), Kaizen, Six Sigma, TPM, Coaching and Facilitation.